Yu Shanhai Marketing Center by Excellence Group

Excellence Group / Sales Center /1488㎡ / Huizhou,Guangdong / 2019

The best space shall be like this: it changes to meet the needs without restrictions by the form and lets people feel comfortable. Designers constantly seek for “elevating the extensibility of the space” to infinitely approach to such a space, and the design of Yu Shanhai Marketing Center is a bold attempt of YANG and MSA, and also is the latest experiment of the design philosophy of “sustainable development of the space”.





Different from the traditional marketing center being abandoned, demolished or renovated after the building is sold, the design of the modern marketing center is actively seeking for transformation via “functional fission and variation”.  The Yu Shanhai Marketing Center by Excellence Group is put into the hotel space that is not completed yet, which not only fully utilizes the unoccupied space, but also interprets and expresses the space utilization in a brand-new way.

Yu Shanhai Hotel Apartments and Villa, invested by China Top 100 Real Estate Excellence Group, have introduced the management system of Wyndham Garden Hotel. Considering  the particularity of the project and the maximum utilization of the vacant resources, the client plans to take the lobby and all-day-dining restaurant as the real estate marketing center, and requests to transform the space to a hotel public area in a gorgeous way provided that without repeating construction after the building is sold.

The design of Yu Shanhai Marketing Center breaks the restrictions of rules and formats, and creates more possibilities for the limited space, which lays the foundation for YANG and MSA in the “sustainable space” design field, and also challenges the stereotype of space utilization and design method.

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