Chongqing Longfor NOW HERE Mock-up Rooms

Longfor / Model Room /680㎡ / Chongqing / 2019

Chongqing Longfor NOW HERE villa--a “disruptive” project presented by Longfor Properties with its 25-year-old development philosophy focusing on humanistic living, is located at bank of the Yulin river of Longxing, a famous historic town in Chongqing, enjoying the precious forests of Tonglu Mountain and Mingyue Mountain. Facing beautiful scenery on one side and urban prosperity on the other, its an ideal place to live a hermit life accompanied by nature. With a thorough understanding of the essence of NOW HERE’s architectural concept, “the Community of Affection, Coexistence & Vacation”, and also the emotional needs of modern people, Metropolitan Space Art chooses “The Pleasure of Leisure” as the soft furnishing theme of the mock-up room, creating a modern Chinese courtyard with peculiar artistic, casual and humanistic aesthetics.








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