Marriott Hotel Wuhan

Marriott / Business Hotel /31000㎡ / Wuhan,Hubei / 2020

The establishment of a Marriott hotel will speed up the pace of the Optics Valley New Town to connect with the world and improve the quality of business, travel and life of this area as well.  As the hotel’s interior designer, YANG’s key issue was how to deliver a distinct “Optics Valley + Marriott” experience that blends the place spirit with CCTEB’s culture on the basis of the architectural concept. Interiors have followed the preciseness and order of architectural design. Structural relations between lines, faces and materials, together with building techniques, are accurately displayed to pay homage to those determined, earnest, and motivated city builders who have relentless pursuit of perfection.     







Only through state-of-the-art techniques can one achieve superb effects. Every detail of Wuhan Marriott Hotel Optics Valley communicates the designer’s understanding of architectural spirit, urban life and humanity and also expresses YANG’s sincerest homage to the city builders, residents and visitors.

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