Qinhuangdao Marriott Hotel

Marriott / Resort /38868㎡ / Qinhuangdao, Hebei / 2022

The hotel design is a combination of Marriott’s brand concept and the owner Sino-Ocean Group’s core requirements for “architecture and health”. With the integration of technology, art and culture, YANG creates the unique scenario-based space by means of architecture, landscape, interiors, furnishings and lighting, so that a benchmark Marriott resort geared to the needs of the future comes into being, meeting the new generation of travelers’ expectation of “revisit”.





Situated at the 2.8-km gold coast of Qinhuangdao, the hotel boasts enchanting seaside views. Taking advantage of that, the design starts a journey of discovery. At the entrance, echoing the theme of “guided by whale whistles”, an artistic “whale” installation highlighted by sound and lighting arouses visitors’ curiosity. The design of the lobby speaks to the arc-shaped architecture, creating a dreamlike space with flowing curved lines. In the ADD restaurant, a magical underwater world world is unfolded through coral reefs, shells and other elements combined with light and shadow technologies. Simple spatial design allows gorgeous lighting to play the leading role in the ballroom, bringing guests an ultimate experience of technology. All in all, the design, by realizing unexpected visual impacts and wonderful living experience, leaves guests in expectation of different discoveries every time they explore the hotel.

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