Chongqing Such Mansion


- / Boutique Hotel /12515㎡ / Chongqing / 2019

The Such Mansion is located in the Ciqikou Ancient Town, Shapingba District, which was the main cultural area during the time of ROC. With the theme of “Dreaming in the ROC”, YANG and Metropolitan Space Art (MSA) draw on the hotel space to evoke memories of the old China so as to deliver business travelers a distinguished private house where they may experience urban culture.









The mansions in Sichuan and Chongqing at that time featured residence, leisure and recreation, whereas official affairs handling and social activities were only ancillary functions. This is why the interior of Such Mansion puts more emphasis on the creation of comfort and artistry. Vintage furniture, decorative lighting fixtures, colors and textures in a distressed effect - all the details embody the elegant and distinctive lifestyle of the 1930s as well as the pursuit of quality.

The artworks installed in the hotel are MSA’s original design. The face sculptures with strong visual impact placed at the entrance are inspired by the face changing in Chinese Sichuan opera. Application of pure bright colors injects a convivial vibe into the welcome area.

Surface design of the lobby takes cues from local ROC-style architectural heritage. Classic geometric design exudes a strong smell of ROC aesthetics that reminds guests of the street scene of old Chongqing. The floor clock is placed on each side of the reception desk to highlight the nobility of the hotel’s guests, since in ancient China, chimes were a symbol of the noble’s extravagant life.

Through a perfect integration of historical elements and modern art forms, Such Mansion reveals the forgotten times, and enables the fashion of the 1930s to regain its influence. The interior of this hotel is the best interpretation of the ROC culture of Chongqing as well as another exploration of culturally distinctive hospitality design of YANG.

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