HUALUXE Yangjiang


IHG / Business Hotel /50000㎡ / Yangjiang,Guangdong / 2015

This five-star HUALUXE under InterContinental is located in China’s famous coastal tourist destination Yangjiang City. It is the first international luxury hotel of Yangjiang and also the first HUALUXE in China mainland. Adjourning the Yuanyang Lake, the hotel enjoys beautiful lakeside views and the alluring charm of South China. HUALUXE holds “Chinese etiquette”, “status recognition”, “rejuvenation in nature” and “enabling spaces” as its brand ideas and advocates “approachable luxury” in design. Adhering to these concepts, YANG utilizes modern design to interpret local customs by presenting “river”, “fishing” and other cultural symbols in an artistic way so that a seaside cultural hotel comes into being.




Inside the hotel, the color scheme of furnishings echos the sunset glow above rivers. The ceiling and wall in the arrival area display the magnificence of arrayed sailboats. A swarm of glass fishes “swimming” through the lobby look more elegant and flexible with the effect of lighting. The large 3D feature wall decorated with drumsticks evokes images of a fierce dragon boat race, making visitors feel the exuberance of water activities.     

The lobby lounge reproduces the warm image of a fishery at dusk: auspicious clouds woven by metal floating on the ceiling, profiles of fishing gear and fishes transformed into furniture texture and wall details, and waves and beaches depicted on soft carpets. The ADD restaurant, named Xian Yan, is pleasing to the eye as the log color Chinese-style furniture is complemented by brightly colored flatware and highlighted by warm lighting. Artistic adornments matching the ink-painting-style wall form up a distinctive and relaxing dining room. Overall, the hotel design shows HUALUXE’s emphasis on Chinese etiquette and humanistic care by creating majestic, graceful, prosperous and warm ambience.  

杨邦胜设计集团(简称YANG)是一家享誉全球的大型创意设计企业,专注国际高端品牌酒店室内设计,总部位于中国深圳,并在纽约、巴黎设有办事机构。1997年由亚太著名酒店设计师杨邦胜先生创立,汇聚500余名设计精英,已为全球19家顶级管理集团旗下53家酒店品牌提供设计服务,完成超600家豪华酒店设计,涵盖:品牌商务酒店设计/星级度假酒店设计/高端精品酒店设计/文化个性主题酒店设计/酒店升级改造翻新设计等酒店设计业务,并于2018年荣登美国《INTERIOR DESIGN》世界酒店设计公司百大排名全球第五!!电话:13392833168

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