Guangzhou SHOKAI Longfor·The Skyline Mock-up Room

Longfor / Model Room /245㎡ / Guangzhou,Guangdong / 2018

Located in the west side of Baiyun Mountain, SHOKAI Longfor·The Skyline is a top luxury residence that specially designed for urban elites. Through thorough analysis of the projects marketing positioning and the needs of urban elites, Metropolitan Space Art has the traditional and local culture ingeniously interpreted with a modern approach. Going beyond the boundary of different cultures, designers manage to accommodate various culture elements within one space, deftly presenting an elegant home with peculiar personality.






The coexistence of multiple cultures is an embodiment of the most distinguished cultural characteristics of Guangzhou-- the spirit of inclusiveness. Metropolitan Space Art ingeniously create the mock-up room of SHOKAI Longfor·The Skyline to be a perfect combination of local cultures, traditions and modern styles, showcasing the supreme tastes of top-level residence while providing a low-key luxury way of living for urban elites.

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