Hotel Indigo Puzhehei

IHG / Boutique Hotel /19603㎡ / Wenshan Prefecture, / 2021

Puzhehei, Yunan Province, once was a barren land with only karst limestone rocks, was later known as a miracle realm due to emergence of lakes and reproduction of life. In the design of Hotel Indigo Puzhehei, YANG continues the hotel brand’s identity-with touches of fashion and personality, and combines with local features,  YANG reinterprets the idea of “neighbourhood culture” and through adopting modern arts tells the neighbour story of mutual respect and cherishing between people and nature, and people and animals in this land.






The magical karst landscape and mysterious Yi People flavours  is reconstructed into the space, which creates a resort boutique hotel with regional flavour and exploration interests. Trees dangles from the ceiling to the arrival of the lobby, which creates sense of mystery of dense forest, and inspires guests to explore.The lobby aims to create a simple water park. The local water transportation willow-shaped boats adopt rattan woven approach to form the reception desk area, which adds a touch of natural leisure; the green column and leaves decors in the lobby bar apply dense forest element, which brighten up the space as well as act as a partition between the lobby and elevator waiting area.

The inverted “bird’s nest” outline, and ornaments and colour in the all-day-dining restaurant creates the atmosphere of “sweet birds singing and fragrant flowers blooming”, and also relieves oppression due to low ceiling of original building. Local characteristics such as ethnic totems, rattan woven fabrics, animal and plants shapes is adopted in visual space and furnishings in various guest rooms, which vividly conveys Yi People’s view of living in awe of nature and life.

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