Hilton Garden Inn Shangri-La

Hilton / Business Hotel /15000㎡ / Shangri la, Tibet / 2017

Shangri-La, a mysterious territory that hidden behind the horizon, tells the truth of life through thousands of years history. Through thorough studies of the distant and fantastic Tibetan culture in Shangri-La, YANG interpreted them into modern design language. With abstraction and symbolization, the rustic and authentic essence of Tibetan culture have been perfectly remained while a more ideal living style been created. In the name of design, YANG tells the story about life and eternity.










By boldly increasing the height of its ceiling, YANG makes the original low and depressing lobby space transparent and spacious. The most representative Tibetan prayer wheel was extracted as decorative elements adorning the space. Accompanied with light and shades, they seem to convey the meaning of life and death. Designers reinterpreted the Auspicious Knot, one of the epitomes of the Tibetan culture, into metal ornament on the wall facing the entrance, expressing great wishes of good luck. YANG also changed the direction of Hilton Garden Inn’s iconic “L”-shaped wall, making it a standard but also a breakthrough.

Special wood structures of local architecture were applied into the lobby lounge design. A full-length displaying shelf adds a sense of majestic and transparent into the space. Furniture in the lobby lounge echoes the shape of the saddle, while colors and patterns of local folk costumes were used into designs of soft furnishings like cushions and carpets. Fire basket at the lounge area reflects local people’s special affection towards bonfire. With rich Tibetan characteristics, a space where the past meets present was created.

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